On March 2, 2012, Armenia marked the 20th anniversary of her admission to the United Nations. Armenia’s membership began during some of the most difficult times for the new Republic, still affected by a devastated earthquake, war and blockades.


Since its independence, the Republic of Armenia has been resolutely committed to the purposes and principles of the Organization. Armenia’s past and current memberships in and chairmanships of the main and functional bodies of the UN have allowed her to actively contribute, along with other Member States, to social, economic and sustainable development matters to achieve common objectives.


Sharing the values at the core of the United Nations, Armenia has held successful memberships in the UN Economic and Social Council and its functional commissions, including the Commission on Human Rights (now Human Rights Council), Commissions on Sustainable and for Social Development, Statistical Commission as well as other bodies of the UN. Furthermore, Armenia chaired the 2009-2011 session of the Commission on the Status of Women, reflecting the country’s unwavering commitment to advancing gender equality and empowerment of women, and the 2012 session of the Special Committee on the Charter of the UN and on the Strengthening of the Role of the Organization. Armenia has also served on executive boards of UN funds and programs and has contributed to the UN peacekeeping operations and rendered humanitarian assistance through the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


Through focused involvement in the work of the main bodies of the UN, namely the General Assembly and Security Council, Armenia continually demonstrates its commitment to the maintenance of peace, security and promotion and protection of democratic values, the rule of law and human rights. Armenia’s dedication to the prevention agenda of the UN, including prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, has been and continues to remain central to its work at the UN.   

Without an active support by UN agencies it would be much more difficult for the government of Armenia to develop and implement national programs related to eradication of poverty, anticorruption, women's and children's rights, the fight against transnational organized crimes.

Joining the Millennium Declaration in September, 2000, Armenia made a commitment to include the Millennium Development Goals in its national long-term and strategic plans and undertake strategic programs to direct economic growth to human development.

Building on her past achievements and embracing a vision of nurturing Armenia into a genuinely global nation, today the Government of Armenia is ready to assume an even greater role working together with the UN member states, civil society and the Armenian Diaspora worldwide to this end.  


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